• Sean Bardwell

Watch this & B well (Pilot)

The Jesus Rolls

For those of you who have watched the Big Lebowski, you are familiar with the Jesus. One thing we all know is: you do not f*ck with the Jesus.

This movie opens with Jesus getting out of prison and launches into a roller coaster of debauchery "so beautiful I want to touch it."

I don't often laugh out loud during movies but there were numerous times in this movie that I did. There were also numerous times during this movie that I thought "what the f*ck is going on?"

The ending definitely left something to be desired. No closure or clue as to what the purpose of this movie was. Although, maybe it was just to have a little senseless fun with the Jesus. If it was, mission accomplished!

Overall, not a fantastic movie but definitely entertaining and worth watching. At under an hour and a half, you can find the time to roll with the Jesus.

"Watch this & B well"

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