• Sean Bardwell

Watch this & B well (Episode 1)

Project Power

"What would you risk for 5 minutes of pure power?"

That's the questioned asked in this new Netflix action flick.

A new drug has hit the streets. It gives you 5 minutes of pure power. What the power is, well you need to take it to find out but there's also a chance it can kill you.

This movie has a kickass concept, visuals to compliment it and non-stop action. There are very few moments to catch your breath while watching this.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt does an amazing job portraying a cop trying to do the right thing when the odds are stacked against him in order to protect the city he loves.

Jamie Foxx gives a stellar performance as well. It's unclear which side he's on or even what his agenda is until almost halfway through the movie.

This is the first time I've seen Dominque Fishback in a movie. She gives a great performance and shows promise for a great future, granted she picks the right roles.

This movie isn't perfect but it is damn entertaining and I give kudos to Netflix.

Movies are supposed to be a momentary escape from reality. A way to forget all of the stupid $hit that is going on in the world and just get away and enjoy someone else's mutual desire for a break from reality, hence their cinematic creation. This is a perfect getaway!

"Watch this & B well"

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