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Listen to this & B well (May 2021)


Wavves - Help is on the Way

I'm a big fan of Wavves so to get a couple of new tracks by them was pretty awesome. If you're unfamiliar with them they're a punky, rocky, alternative band.

Rise Against - The Numbers

Solid 3 song single. Nowhere Generation was the standout track for me. The new album dropped last week...good stuff.

Czarface, MF DOOM - Super What?

RIP DOOM. Thankful to get another callabo album from these amazing artists. The King and Eye perfectly sets the tone and expectations for the album. Jason and the Czargonaughts is the next track to grab hold of my brain and take it for a ride. This is Canon Now has some incredible comic book word play: jacked by Iron Man for his suit and left him Stark naked. Hugh Jacked Wolverine for his claws. Fantastic album!

The Record Company - I Wanna Get High

This is an absolute perfect example of my favorite type of cover song. Completely make it your own song but still respect the original.

Nakkia Gold, Whiz Khalifa, Bob Marley and the Wailers - Justice (Get Up, Stand Up)

Fantastic track!

Outasight - Too Much

Outasight with another straight up head nodder!

KennyHoopla, Travis Barker - hollywood sucks//

Catchy asf pop punk track!

Sincere Engineer - Come out for a Spell

This is a female fronted punk band I discovered in January. The more I hear from the band the more I become a fan. There is so much emotion in her voice. Fantastic band!

Flobots - Me & You (Happy 2gether)

I'm not sure I have the words to explain the awesomeness of this!

Voodoo Glow Skulls - Livin' the Apocalypse

One of my favorite Ska core bands. This album is fing fantastic from start to finish! Absolutely love the guest vocalist on the last track!

The Beaches - Future Lovers

I was a big fan of the Go-Go's growing up. This band is kind of like a modern day, more punky version of the Go-Go's.

Ida Maria - Dirty Money

I absolutely love her voice...

The Crew - One Voice

I will never not love anything Tim Armstrong is a part of.

One Morning Left - Hyperactive

This is one of my new favorite bands. They kind of fall under my "Death Hair Metal" category with just the perfect amount of cheesy 80's metal sprinkled in for good measure.

DMX - Exodus

I'm glad this album dropped. It's fantastic. Fade out not fade away. RIP

Sarah Barrios - IH8EVERY1

This song makes me think about when I first met my wife. I used to refer to her as "the good one" because I hated everyone else.


Listen to this & B well

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