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Listen to this & B well (Jan 2021)

January started off a bit slow for good new music, in my opinion, but it finished strong. Due to this and not having an incredible amount of free time I've decided to start posting my favorite pic(k)s monthly versus weekly. I'm hoping this will help create a bit more consistency with this post. At the end of the day though, this is just for fun and there's only a handful of you actually reading it anyway! Thank you to those of you who are!! Now let's get into it:


No Son of Mine - Foo Fighters

This is the second single off of their upcoming album. Honestly, I was a little disappointed with the first single. This single has renewed my faith. Plenty of catchy rock riffs that Foo is known for.


Signs - Locksmith, Lazarus

Just absolutely incredible flows.


DRKWLKR - Siul Hughes, Ceschi, Factor Chandelier

Another display of incredibly sick flows. The last track was like an IPA, this is like a Double IPA. They are both fantastic but one will "blow your motherfing" mind.


American Boy - Old Dirty Brasstards

I'm a huge fan of covers and my guilty pleasure is brass band covers. This one most certainly does not disappoint.


Waiting on a War - Foo Fighters

Another great single off the new album...now I'm starting to get excited!


Blow It Up - The Damn Straights, Lack of Afro, Herbal T

This song makes me want to get up and move. It came on the other day and my son instantly started bopping his head to it!


Hestia - The Rumjacks

Irish tinged punk is a beautiful thing when it's done right...and this is done right.


Bring Me Down - We Were Sharks

A fantastic "anthem" style punk track.


In Through the out Door - Five Iron Frenzy

A catchy punk track with subtle horns.


Fuck It I'm In Love - Les Shirley

A quick catchy punky rockin tune.


Bad Faith - Debt Neglector

Gravelly, snotty punk rawk.


Seperate - Plainview

A fantastic hardcore metal track for those of you who like your music a bit angrier.


Three Year Old Warrior (Re-Recorded) - Nine Treasures

I first discovered Nine Treasures last year. They are a Mongolian folk band that plays metal using traditional instruments of their culture...kickass!


The Final Parade - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Aimee Interrupter, Tim Timebomb, Angelo Moore, Stranger Cole

You are not going to find a better collection of "punk rock reggae" vocalists on one track...amazing!


You Don't Own Me - Pale Waves

Female vocally driven punky, angsty anthem.


These Words Have Weight - Royal Hearts

Such an aptly titled song. Primarily hardcore vocals with some melodic verses mixed in here and there. Powerful track. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this band.


Dark Cloud - Bad Advice

Good old fashioned pop punk rock...but the vocals give it a different feel.


The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man - Rob Zombie

Rock n' fing roll...Zombie style!


Charon's Song - Skywalker

This track starts off sounding a bit like the new Blink-182 (once Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio joined the band and they actually started producing good music) then breaks into a hardcore track and goes back and forth between styles. Totally works. Great track.


Ruby Dragon - One Morning Left

Kickass hardcore with awesome cheesy ass metal choruses intertwined.


Domino - Hail the Sun

This band totally has it's own vibe but if I had to explain it I think it would be a mix of At the Drive with My Chemical Romance...I don't know, it's kickass! Listen to it!


Niemi - Korpiklani

A Finnish metal band. I have no idea what they are saying and I don't care. Anytime you can rock an accordion, I mean seriously rock it, you've got some talent.


Killswitch - The Fire & Fury

It has a Rage Against the Machine "feel" but has it's own sound and message. Powerful track.


Fed Up and Feeling Strange (Live and in person 1993 - 1998) - J Mascis

In my opinion I saved the best for last. My favorite artist and 2 hours of live music.

For those of you unfamiliar with J he is the "frontman" for Dinosaur Jr. They're kind of a... you either love em or hate em band. J's vocals have a Neil Youngesque quality to them. His guitar skills are incredible and you can get lost in his solos.

Best way to describe them is "Ear Bleeding Country"!


Listen to this & B well

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