• Sean Bardwell

Listen to this & B well (Feb 2021)


Brooklane - Growing Older

A kickass punk anthem!

Every Time I Die - AWOL

Fantastic new single!

Starcrawler, Mike Campbell - I Need to Know

An absolutely perfect cover!

Dinosaur Pile-Up - Thrash Metal Cassette

This song kicks so much ass!

The Turbo A.C.'s - Liquor Store Blues

Another amazing cover!

The Black Crowes - 30 Days in the Hole

Again with the covers...so good!

The Weeks - Inside the Covers

A live collection of covers. Their song choices are brilliant!

Stepson - Deeper Sleep

A melodic - hardcore - punk nugget of awesomeness!

One Morning Left - Sinners Are Winners

Death Hair Metal at it's finest!

Sumo Cyco - Bystander

Female fronted kickass metal!

The Newports - Off With My Head

Female fronted kickass punk rock!

The Damn Straights, Lack of Afro, Herbal T - Alarm Clock

A beautiful marriage of punk and hip hop. I really hope these guys keep putting out new music...definitely one of my favorite new artists right now!

Dinosaur Jr. - I Ran Away

My favorite band releases a new single on my birthday...fuck yea!

The Offspring - Let the Bad Times Roll

SOLID new release from the Offspring!

WSTR - All the Rage

A fantastic poppy punk song!

Living in Fiction - Overwhelmed

I can completely relate to this song...anxiety in crowds...

Authority Zero - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

Solid new track!

"Listen to this & B well"

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