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Listen to this & B well (Disc 6)

Diesel Boy - Titty Twister

I will fully admit this is not new at all. In fact it was kind of my anthem when I was in my 20's...not proud about it but whatever. It popped up on one of my suggested playlists and I had to share it!

John Fogerty, Foo Fighters - Fortunate Son

This is one of those albums that I feel I'm so "fortunate" to have fallen into my lap. When I was 18 my buddy Chris & I used to play CCR & other covers on State Street in Madison, WI for beer money. He played guitar, beautifully, I sang, not so beautifully. Chris passed away three years later. He would have loved this!

The Brains - The Monster Within

Kickass rockabilly! I'm glad this band came up in my suggested list!

The Holy Mess - Within the Range of a Raven

I'm a sucker for a good punk band with raspy vocals. This band delivers on that!

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution - Here's to Life

Absolutely fantastic ska/punk band! I'm not sure how I'm just now finding out about them but I'm very happy that I am!

Gipsy Kings - A Mi Manera (Comme D' Habitude)

I discovered this track watching "The Jesus Rolls" movie. Absolutely fantastic cover!

Box Car Racer - Cat Like Thief

I'm not a huge fan of blink-182's earlier years. I am however, a huge fan of Tim Armstrong and Travis Barker so I was stoked to find this.

UNSECRET, Vo Williams - Higher

This is one of those "pump you up" tracks. So good.

RZA, Ghostface Killah - Fighting for Equality

RZA & Ghostface Killah...obviously I'm sharing this raw, badass track!

Eligh, B. Dolan - We

Wow. Incredibly powerful track from a couple of my favorite hip hop artists. Powerful callabo!

The Front Bottoms - new song d

Starts with a little spoken word. Then launches into a melodic punk vibe with a haunting background. This band has been around for almost a decade so I definitley am excited to explore some more!

"Listen to this & B well"

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