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Listen to this & B Well (Disc 5)

I didn't find a ton of new music last week but what I did find, I thought was worth mentioning...

Tech N9ne - Bitch Slap

This track is so raw. Corey Taylor's verse fits fantastically. My mom is notorious for threatening to bitch slap people so this song definitely garnered some sentimental value. How I described this song to my mom was "It's actually a really good song...if you're into hardcore hip hop with a little metal thrown in for good measure."

Get Dead - Disruption

This song starts off with what almost sounds like spoken word/hip hop, then almost ends...only to give way to a "Sublime" feeling ska guitar riff, followed by the most beautiful raspy vocals. So many layers to this track. Fantastic!

filous, The Kooks - Hey Love

Absolutely fantastic new single by the Kooks. I've never heard of filous but I believe he does the production. Beautiful track.

Sol - Oh Yeah

Great track for all of my fellow lyrical hip hop heads. The flow is ridiculous.

Mr. Bungle - Raping Your Mind

I don't quite have the words for how fantastic this is. Face melting, shredding guitars. Break neck drum beats. Vocals...holy f*ck. This is Mr. Bungle at it's finest. Can't wait to hear more!

The Cheats - Cussin, Crying 'n' Carrying On

Latest release from the Cheats. Punk Rock n' Roll with an emphasis on the rock n' roll! If that's your thing, you'll definitely dig this album.

"Listen to this & B well"

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