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Listen to this & B well (Disc 4)

Hot off the presses! These are my picks for the first week of August. This is starting off with some "new" to me music and finishing with some new music. Hope you enjoy, I'm going to keep listening either way!

Jaya the Cat - The Wilderness

This is one of those "new" to me tracks. Not so much "new" as a friendly reminder that I need to check out more by this band. Skacore is what I define as a band that is more punk than ska but you can tell is influenced by both. This is kickass skacore!

Mariachi El Bronx - I Would Die 4 You

I am a huge fan of covers. In my opinion a good cover should pay tribute to the original but also be re-made in the vision of the band covering it. I'm not a fan of the "carbon copy" covers. With that being said, this is hands down one of the best covers I have EVER heard!

The Aggrolites - Time to Get Tough

This was another one of those reminder tracks that I needed to check out more by this band. This is a band I would define as "reggacore." It's so infectious!

Be Well - Confessional

"I only know a few chords and a lot of mixed metaphors" "One day I'll feel better - I hope that you never - feel as lost as I do today"

It started with the name but this band is becoming one of my favorites the more I listen to them. Count down to the full length...can't wait!

Knife for an Eye - Damnation Rock 'n' Roll

Rocking punk! Fast, in your face vocals with shredding guitars.

Machine Gun Kelly - concert for aliens

I'm definitely a fan of MGK's transition from a hip hop artist to a pop punk artist. I have to wonder though, if it was due to not wanting to battle Eminem anymore or simply his friendship with Travis Barker. Maybe playing a rockstar in the Crue biography made him want to be one. Whatever the reason, I'm digging it!

Felt - Felt 4 U

It's been 10 years since their last release. The first track, Never's Enough, let's you know the wait is going to be well worth it!

Death by Stereo - We're All Dying Just in Time

The newest album by one of my favorite punk bands...it does not disappoint!

Fit For a King - Locked (In My Head)

Kickass 3 song ep for my fellow metal fans.

The Stifled - Everything's Fine

Six song ep packed full of some kick ass - hardcore punk!

"Listen to this & B well"

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