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Listen to this & B well (Disc 10)

I've been busy with work so I'm trying to play catch up with my posts. There has been way too much good music since my last post not to share!

Roswell Kid - Wendy's Trash Can

"I'm down to my underwear because I threw it all away in a Wendy's trash can." Great alternative-rock.

Flatfoot 56 - Winter in Chicago

The intro kind of reminds me of the TV show "Cheers," then goes into a punk tempo. The lead singer starts belting out lyrics and it's those slightly raspy vocals that seal the deal for me.

Ozma - Domino Effect

Reminds me of Weezer with just a hint of more punk...a teensy weensy hint but I dig it.

Action Bronson - Mongolia (feat Hologram & Meyhem Lauren)

I believe this was the third single released before the full length. Hands down my favorite. Love hearing Meyhem spit!

Scary Pockets, Maiya Sykes - Black Hole Sun

I have absolutely no problem admitting I hate Soundgarden. Chris Cornell's voice annoys the $hit out of me. With that being said, this is an absolutely fantastic cover due to the amazing voice of Maiya Sykes!

XL the Band, Swollen Members, Alpha Omega - The Island

Absolutely fantastic hip hop track. Beautiful female vocals start this track with some subtle horns in the background which leads to a fantastic flow. This is a head nodder for sure.

Stroke 9 - Kick Some Ass

Not at all a new track but I haven't heard it in a while and it made me smile listening to it.

Outasight - Whoa!

He's always got those "wanna move your feet" hip hop jams and this one does just that.

Brass Against, Sophia Urista - Take the Power Back

A brass band, female vocals and a Rage cover...taking the covers back for damn sure! So good!

"Listen to this & B well"

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