What is BwellQue?

A Summary of My 15+ Year Adventure

I just sat here and stared off into space for awhile...I have no idea where to start.

When I first started making BbQ it was as a job. After doing this "job" for 3 years it became my PASSION, my LOVE, my LIFE.

I designed a logo and started branding myself as SBQue in the hopes of one day having a son and leaving him a BbQ business.

A LOT has happened since then. I got married. Had my son. Then a daughter. Then another daughter. Sheamus, Teagan and Elora.

My passion for BbQ remained but I also developed a new passion for being a Father.

Having two daughters the idea of leaving something solely for my son seemed a bit archaic.  I decided I was going to start calling it BardwellbarbeQue. 

February 2020 I decided to stop making BbQ professionally and just keeping it as a hobby. Due to the negative impacts the quarantine had on my employer I proposed an idea to sell my BbQ as a "pop up" curbside business in May 2020. We marketed it as "Bardwell's BbQ isn't the answer to all of our problems, but it's a good start!"

My food is 100% made with Love and Passion in the hopes that people will enjoy it and it brings a little happiness to their life. I don't want to be rich or famous which brought me to the idealization of BwellQue: I just want people to "Eat my Que and B well!" 


Welcome to BwellQue

I Have a Tendency to Ramble

I am here to do just that. BwellQue serves as a vessel to project my passions: BbQ, food, beer, bourbon, coffee, music, comics, toys and being a parent. NO politics, NO religion & NO judgement...just rambling. So, sit back, relax, and ramble on.


Smokey Shrimp Street Tacos

For the first "official" post on my website I asked people what they would like me to write about via my Instagram (@BwellQue) and Facebook pages. My sister was the first one to respond. She said she wanted to see a Recipe that was Street Tacos, BbQ & Shrimp. That was a day ago. In that time I wrote, tested and am now sharing that recipe. Hopefully she'll like it! *I would also like to mention that along with having a tendency to ramble, I have a tendency to add unnecessary s



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